Back in March 2020, right after the start of the first Covid lockdown, approximately twenty mad fools in Penarth decided to set up a Community Radio Station, Penarth Sounds. Two of those fools were your Penarth Acoustic Club hosts Phil Nedin and Adrian Lewis, and since May 2020, we've been broadcasting regular Acoustic Club shows to take the place of our live events, which have obviously been curtailed due to the pandemic.

You can catch up on all the shows you've missed here. Just click on the play icon below to get the latest show, and it will play continuously through the last 20 shows in reverse chronological order. We'll be putting up separate links to all the individual shows here eventually, complete with track listings. In the meantime, fill your ears! Click on the "Up Next" button to see where you are in the timeline, or skip to particular shows by date. NB: This is a Mixcloud widget, and it doesn't display very well on phones at the moment - sorry! (Landscape mode is best on phones.)

Acoustic Club Radio Shows